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Phi Capital | Best Execution

Phi Capital has partnerships with all leading investment banks, rendering the best price execution service. Furthermore, we operate a fully transparent policy - once instructed, keeping our clients updated real time on the cost of the structure in play.


Yield is our number one goal. We measure our success by the growth of our clients.

  • Dealing with Phi keeps the cost of trading down as we find the best price on your behalf
  • Sourcing the deepest liquidity in the market, on exchange or OTC
  • Settlement and clearing is seamless via our white glove partnerships
Phi Capital

We have strong relationships with respective traders at tier one investment banks, rendering the best level at a given time.

We add value through unrivalled quality of execution, best-in-class advisory services, market insights, and bespoke trading ideas.

Phi Capital


We protect your interests via a ‘no name’ give up agreement, leading to anonymity throughout the execution cycle.

We operate a fully transparent policy. Once instructed we keep our clients updated on the cost of the structure in play in real-time.

After the execution cycle, we respect the game theory characteristics of a large position and make it our business to protect that information.
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100% owned by its founders, Phi is independent and trustworthy leading to long term relationships.

We build and manage tailor-made portfolios for our clients, with whom we are in permanent contact.

Our fee structure is transparent and straightforward.

We strive for excellence, have an institutional setup including: trading platform, reporting and risk control systems that are considered state of the art.

Phi Capital

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