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Phi Capital | Property Finance

Phi is a specialist real estate lender and investor.
We provide award-winning finance to support the entire lifecycle of real estate lending and investment. We focus on building deep, longstanding relationships with our clients – whether we’re delivering quickly on a loan, or forming a multi-year investment partnership

Residential Lending

We’re not a bank, and have discretionary capital. This enables us to accommodate clients, move quickly and deliver.

  • Residential bridging loans
  • Refurbishment loans
  • Buy-to-let loans
Phi Capital

We partner with brokers, working closely to help clients navigate complex cases that often fall outside mainstream lending criteria. Our specialist expertise, streamlined processes and flexible approach mean we can approach the unconventional with confidence

Phi Capital

Development Finance

As a specialist with a flexible approach, and unlike some other lenders, we’ll look at small development schemes.
So, we welcome details on light development projects.

  • £1m Minimum loan size
  • 70% max LTGDV
  • 12-24 Month Term

Investment - Care homes

The UK needs modern, fit-for-purpose care homes. Working with operators and our in-house clinical assurance team, we’re helping to deliver them.

  • Sourcing land, planners and architects
  • Delivery- building partners to ensure high standards and regulations are met.
  • Support- hands-on for property management or home operations
Phi Capital

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